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SpecCon Systems Inc is an industrial manufacturing and automation company based out of 4502 Southmark Drive, Salisbury, North Carolina. We manufacture specialty conveyors for the food, beverage, and packaging industries. We also have the manufacturing and engineering capabilities for so much more!

SpecCon began in 1997 by combining the experience of seasoned employees from Taylor Manufacturing and Hay Automation. This combined background of knowledge brought a unique blend of applications, engineering, and manufacturing expertise together.

SpecCon serves the food and beverage industries as a manufacturer of conveyor and conveyor systems;

we also work within the pharmaceutical, automotive, and numerous other industries providing

custom solutions to meet each unique need.

SpecCon also performs contract manufacturing; we build and private label equipment, have excellent job shop capabilities for laser cutting, metal bending, machining, welding, electrical and control systems.

We desire to be your one stop shop! Please call us to discuss your project / application today.

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