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Products & Services

SpecCon Systems is engaged in the business of manufacturing painted
steel and stainless steel high-speed, light-load material handling equipment.

SpecCon manufactures and offers a wide range of conveyors that can support you and your processes well. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please call us as we specialize in customization to meet your unique needs.

  • Flat Belt

  • Flex-Flow Accumulation

  • Upenders

  • Hand Pack Stations

  • Product Twist

  • Re-Flow Accumulation Table

  • Retractable Conveyor Gate

  • Accumulators for Cooling

  • Sanitary Conveyor for Most Applications

  • Servo Technology

  • Vacuum Conveyor

SpecCon also performs contract manufacturing; we build and private label equipment, have excellent job shop capabilities for laser cutting, metal bending, machining, welding, electrical and control systems. We desire to be your one stop shop! Please call us to discuss your

project / application today.

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